This time it’s personal


And it feels good.

What the (possibly misleading) title implies, is that now I have power to change. I do not have to make sure my ideas and visions suit the other members of the board in my company. I may change the header image as I want (and as I did) to whatever I see fit. No attempts of compromising or figuring out solutions that would appease anyone else. And it feels good.

While there is much to do – doing so is an ongoing process and to prevent this site from becoming stale, I shall keep on renewing and transforming this page as I and the current design trends grow, evolve and change. Having a personal page, that one manages himself does give one both freedom and responsibility at the same time. While I could turn this page into one with a black background and bright yellow text with flaming rotating skulls, I will have to keep my wild thoughts and desires at bay. I might not have hundreds or thousands of visitors per day (or month) but I still have a responsibility which I accepted when I started calling myself a designer – a title I still use to refer to myself with utmost humility and caution.