Lenovo Y510p

I recently bought myself another Lenovo laptop. This is my fourth lenovo item now (T43, T410i, Thinkpad tablet and Y510p) and I am still loving the visual solutions. Lenovo, unlike many others, does not usually strive to be the cutest or the prettiest around. Especially in a room filled with Apple laptops, my T410i stood out by being the blockiest, blackest and least attractive. All of those features made it the most attractive laptop I could want.

This time, though, the laptop I now have, has rounded corners and no longer a matte finish. Instead, it has a nice metallic and plastic combination which really works out well. As it has become a standard with Lenovo now, it looks like it could suffer some very harsh situations, where other laptops, that have focused more on their visuals, would be left with more than a few scratches.


And with only a few scratches on the cover my T410i is currently still working. I really wouldn’t have replaced it as my primary computer, if not for the lack of performance, that really started to affect my work. Waiting for Photoshop to catch up to my actions took longer and longer and it seemed most optimal to get a more powerful rig and have Photoshop wait after me.


The technical specs for the Y510p are as follows:

15.6″ Glossy Wedge 1920 x 1080
2.2 GHz i7-4702MQ Processor
Dual NVidia GT 750M (2GB GDDR5 for each)
1TB HDD (5400 RPM) + 24GB SSD


I was most surprised when I saw the charger adapter. I could literally kill a person with it – or perhaps even two, with one swing.

The price of this package? 1199€.



The Y510p is slightly thinner, although I lose (both sides taken into count) 1 USB socket and the DisplayPort has been replaced with HDMI. What I have now is two USB 3.0 ports and an always-on USB 2.0



The backlit keyboard with two brightness settings really is something that I love now – The T410i had a small LED light above the screen that showed light on the keyboard (and whatever items you needed some additional light for), the red backlit is both an upgrade and a downgrade of sorts. Also, the Y510p is without the red pointing stick aka. “the nub” – which I really miss – this forces me to always pack my Cyborg R.A.T. 5 mouse with me, wherever I go. I honestly don’t hate myself enough to use the touchpad.


Overall: I am very satisfied with the new laptop, even with its flaws and fancier design. The fact, that the laptop came with two nVidia graphics cards (+ Intel HD 4600) has made my life a lot easier – not having to wait for ages for applications to react is a welcoming change. I am also getting (slowly) used to Windows 8. It ain’t half as bad as I thought it would be.

  • http://www.dan-davies.co.uk/ littleblackclouddesigns

    Nice one. Love the red backlight on the keyboard


  • Tykro

    Don’t upgrade to windows 8.1 whatever you do, it breaks SLI.

    • Holger Mets

      So I’ve heard – had the same problems when I upgraded my GeForce drivers – had to revert back to some very old ones to keep SLI possible

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