How I recovered my memory


Okay, I didn’t really lose my memory – I just never had a good one.

Thank you, genes. My dad has a bad memory and I guess we have that in common. Years ago I didn’t want to admit it – not even to myself. I just figured it was a temporary setback I was experiencing, while it really wasn’t. The condition persisted and lets be honest – the amount of new information we receive every day is simply too much to handle even with a processor like our brain.
I always loved the little thingy I heard as a kid:

“When god gave brains, I thought he said trains, so I asked for a little and slow one”

Or perhaps I just have too much on my mind, that there are too many active processes at the same time, so the more interesting (and usually less important) ones force others to be shut down.

Be it how it is – I have a hard time remembering stuff, such as appointments, problems, tasks, ideas and so much more that I can’t remember at the moment.

A smartphone – that should help, right? Even though I adore my Lumia 900, I am afraid it doesn’t do the trick – It still feels too much of a hassle to mark something down there. I like the old fashioned take on writing down notes.

And this is where it hit me – I need a physical notebook to keep all my ideas and thoughts. Think of it as an external memory disk. Pretty much wherever I go – even in the bathroom, I have my notebook with me – in case I have a moment of clarity and brilliance which makes me come up with a wonderful idea regarding either work, life of the D&D campaign I am running. And trust me, there have been many awesome ideas written down while I ponder about life on the toilet.

And not only does it help me remember details at a level I could never hope to achieve without a notebook, it also makes me look more interested in whatever is going on. People love when I take their ideas, words and thoughts and write them down – Even if nothing comes of it – they still have impacted me enough to make me write down what is being said. They don’t have to know, that without it, I wouldn’t remember almost any parts of the conversation after 5 minutes.

To-do applications on my phone or laptop are nifty and cool, but they don’t really have the “write-it-down” feel to it. The closest I have gotten to it with technology is with my Lenovo tablet, in which I can write stuff with a pen.
The only smartphone application that I use is Easy Shopping – this simplifies my shopping trips and helps me not end up with multiple bottles of ketchup or nutella. Or other life necessities.

So if you are one like me – suffer from a bad memory and have a hard time recalling what I talked about at the start of this blog post – go ahead and get yourself a small notebook that fits a pocket. It’ll do wonders. In some ways, I even believe that my memory has gotten somewhat better thanks to the habit of noting stuff down.