Design Challenge – iOS7

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As a weekly challenge, that was started in June, we decided to redesign iOS7 that was still fresh at the moment. But as stuff has the tendency of getting in the way – the redesign kept getting postponed up until now.

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Since I am not personally a huge fan of Apple or their products, the challenge was.. well.. challenging. But taking elements of various mobile phone operating systems I compiled something, that I would really love to use. Lately it seems like the phone aspect of smartphones keeps getting less important as time goes on – But as someone who really tends to use my phone for calling purposes most of the times – I really need a button for calling.

The obvious influences that using a Windows Phone has are apparent to most, but I truly believe that such ideas should be mixed. Based on personal experience when it comes to using smartphone I can’t really see the justification of the clock being so small on phones. After all, the phones have, in many ways, replaced watches and clocks. Therefore it should be visible with ease.


Perhaps I am wasting valuable space on the screen with the calendar, but with iPhone 5 being so stretched out, I feel that I have the right to do so. For me, the calendar is irreplaceable and should be visible at all times.



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