Why I don’t decline projects


Bad habits. We all have a few of those – I have a few more than I should. And based on the end of the last year – I really need to make changes. By the end of the last year I had a few single gray hairs growing all over my head – I am 24 years old – this is not okay. Not by my standards. While I do feel a lot older than I actually am – I don’t think I want to have a full set of gray hair by the age of 30.

This was kind of a wake-up call for me. What most people would do – is to stop all of the bad things at once and never go back. Well, that’s the theory – Based on my own experience, I know that it wouldn’t and hasn’t worked for me in the past. I need to eradicate bad habits one by one – slowly. And I already have started doing so. In fact – I refused a project for the first time over two years or so – That felt.. weird. I really dislike saying no to any project – Even if I know taking the project would reduce the amount of sleep I would get and increase the passive stress and tiredness.

Why don’t I decline projects? Well, it is quite simple – stupid, but simple. According to my logic – which I based on a social experiment I involved myself in a few years ago. I realized the social etiquette of parties and similar gatherings. If you get invited and leave an impression, a memorable one at least – You are bound to get invited again – and again. With each event you increase your social value and the likelihood of getting invited to more gatherings increases. Simple, huh. But should you ever decline an invite – nothing really happens at first – people tend to understand that you can’t always accept an invitation – but decline it the second time (in a row) – the chances of you getting an invite decrease drastically. And should you get a third strike in a row – in a way the social level you have gained will be lost – or at least diminished by a big chunk.

This is the logic I apply to accepting projects – If I were to decline – what is it to say, that the client would bother to contact me again with future projects – I have already declined his offer, therefore I have lost value in his mind. And rightfully so.

But thanks to some events that have unfolded recently I feel more okay with declining a few projects if I deem necessary.

And this is how I try to get rid of my one bad habit – but many remain to be solved. I take my time – I am in no rush – as long as I work towards figuring out what is necessary and what can be classified as a bad habit.

  • centurystand

    saying no sucks sometimes, but you’ll go insane if you say yes to everything. quality declines.