The Pebble is a little something I’ve been craving ever since I heard about it on Kickstarter. Unfortunately back then I was a proud owner and a fan of Windows Phones, so I decided to wait until they added WP support. But as I recently switched over to a LG Nexus 5, I ordered my Pebble with little hesitation. It is a smartwatch that combines the smartness of the phone with the watchness of a.. uh.. watch.

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LG Nexus 5

1My Lumia 900 is no longer in use. As the start-up I recently joined is developing an app for Android and iOS (as well as some other platforms, except for Windows Phone), I had to replace my primary phone with a new one – a LG Nexus 5. This is my very first android smartphone and while I was somewhat hesitant at first I have to say, I am really liking the experience. Don’t get me wrong, it is no Windows Phone. But still.

While I love the logic behind Windows Phone and it’s app design, I am slowly getting the hang of what android does. While the user experience is, at times, far from being as logical as Windows Phone, it still has it’s moments. This and also the fact,  I have access to so many new apps that I didn’t have before. Not that I have really started to use any of those, just a few.

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Lenovo Y510p

I recently bought myself another Lenovo laptop. This is my fourth lenovo item now (T43, T410i, Thinkpad tablet and Y510p) and I am still loving the visual solutions. Lenovo, unlike many others, does not usually strive to be the cutest or the prettiest around. Especially in a room filled with Apple laptops, my T410i stood out by being the blockiest, blackest and least attractive. All of those features made it the most attractive laptop I could want.

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Creating worlds and colliding


I have wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons ever since I was very young. I used to read the books in various electronical formats over and over again – without really understanding most of what was written. But it felt right. Also, the illustrations that accompanied the pages were simply astounding. And I dreamed of…

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